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Surveillance System for Specialized Applications


The Aeros 3200 aerostat system is designed to provide a highly accurate, over-the-horizon surveillance capability with effective early warning, detection and identification of objects by land, sea or air. Built for national security, border security immigration control and counter-terrorism, the Aeros 3200 includes surveillance radar, EO/IR integrated sensors, transportable command and control systems, and tactical awareness software.




Transportable Surveillance Tethered Aerostat System


Designed as a low cost system with fast deployment ability and an integrated gyro stabilized E/O system for short and medium range surveillance, the complete Aeros 21M tethered aerostat system can be transported by a single midsized vehicle and quickly deployed with a crew of two to three people.



Aeros designs and manufacturers products based on the parameters for specific mission requirements such as: altitude, wind speed and operating temperature. We also customize the design and manufacturing process of each aerostat, based on the needs and mission objectives of our customers.  Our Aeros’ aerostats are mobile, cost effective, and are deployed as tactical airborne platforms with surveillance cameras, radars, telecommunications equipment, and a variety of other scientific apparatuses.


They feature:

  • Superior helium retention properties

  • High structural integrity

  • Low operational cost compared to other surveillance systems

  • Advanced flight termination system

  • Automated aerostat management system controlled from the ground control station

  • Mobile ground control system with situational awareness capability

  • Survives high wind velocity

  • Fully integrated turn-key solutions

AEROS 3200


Easily Transportable and Quick Deployment


A multifunctional system, the tethered Aeros 1170 aerostat is a capable and stable sensor platform for government and commercial applications. The payload options include EO/FLIR systems, radar, radio re-transmitters, com jamming, com intelligence, and signal intelligence. Its featured advances include the Intelligent Flight Termination System, Active Flight Management; IP Monitor/Control Airborne Network; C 130 Ready to Deploy Robotic Ground Base; and a (7)Smart Pressure Management System.




•  Robotic Launch and Recovery with 2 Personnel

•  Extended Mission Times 15+ Days without Interruption

•  Payload Integration with Remote Ground Control Systems

•  Simplified Operation and Maintenance for Field Operations

•  Low Life Cycle Cost – Quality Manufacturing


AEROS 1170


Remote Winch Operations

•  Automated mast release

•  Single operator control

•  Wireless launch/recovery

Payload Mounting

•  Re-configurable

•  Quick disconnect cable

•  Mission payload adjustable

•  Unobstructed FOV (360 degrees)

Ground Control System

•  Re-locatable

•  Self sustained

•  Fiber optic networking

•  Fully integrated

Re-locatable Integrated Mooring System (RIMS)

•  Fully transportable system (fifth wheel)

•  Networked with the ground control station

•  Operational redundancy


•  Robotic Launch and Recovery with 2 Personnel

•  Extended Mission Times 15+ Days without Interruption

•  Payload Integration with Remote Ground Control Systems

•  Simplified Operation and Maintenance for Field Operations

•  Low Life Cycle Cost – Quality Manufacturing


•  Length: 21 M

•  Operational altitude: 300 M

•  Payload @ operational altitude: 112 kg

•  Max sustained operating wind: 40 knots

aeros21m aeros1170


•  Length: 25 M

•  Operational altitude: 1200 M

•  Payload @ operational altitude: 90 kg

•  Max sustained operating wind: 40 knots

AEROS 3200

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Tactical Aerostat Ideal for Military Surveillance Missions


The Sky Crow Tactical Aerostat system is ideal for Military, DHS, or commercial surveillance missions. Gain the edge with rapidly deployable real-time field ISR assets.



•  Tactical Aerostat

•  One Person Set Up and Operation

•  Effective Soldier Centric ISR Platform

•  Plug-in-Play Payload Options

•  Pelican Case Container for Storage and Shipping

•  Minimum Training Required


•  Length: 10.3 M

•  Operational altitude: 305 M

•  Payload @ operational altitude: 9 kg

•  Max sustained operating wind: 40 knots

Skycrow field 2


•  Length: 39 M

•  Operational altitude: 1500 M

•  Payload @ operational altitude: 300 kg

•  Max sustained operating wind: 80 knots

Skycrow field 3
Skycrow1 NG1000


1000 & 1400 NextGen Tethered Aerostat System


1000/1400 m3 aerostat equipped with articulated adjustable Ground Mooring System (GMS) with Robotic Grab & MOOR (GM) launch & recovery technology. This new system can be operated by a single operator and its modular design can accommodate any logistics needs.



•  Robotic Launch and Recovery by 1 operator

•  Modular design accommodates logistics needs

•  Simplified, low-cost mooring station

•  New convergence frame design


Specifications (NG 1000):

•  Length: 27 M

•  Operational altitude: 600 M

•  Payload @ operational altitude: 170 kg

•  Max sustained operating wind: 40 knots