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Vice President, Production


Mr. Pasternak, Sr. has led all Aeros' production activities for more than 15 years. Under his supervision, Aeros manufactures products ranging from FAA type certified airships and advanced tethered aerostats to the highly anticipated variable buoyancy air vehicle, the Aeroscraft. Mr. Pasternak, Sr. has managed the production of the following airship and aerostat programs: Aeros40A, Aeros50, Aeros40B, Aeros40D, MARTS1170 Aerostat Program, Aeros21M, Aeros 17M, Aeros25M, and the RAVB Aeroscraft Program.


Prior to Aeros, Mr. Pasternak, Sr. was the Vice President of Neftegazstroi, the largest government pipeline corporation in the former Soviet Union. A high-ranking leader who managed the projects of over 5,000 employees, Mr. Pasternak, Sr. led the construction of countless oil and gas pipeline projects from Siberia to the boarders of Europe, as well as managed the construction of numerous underground pipeline depositories.


Mr. Pasternak’s significant experience in managing many employees to build incremental projects makes him a natural leader for Aeros’ manufacture/production team. He is dedicated to meet high-quality standards on every product Aeros builds.


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