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The same challenges that confront the civilian world of cargo logistics are amplified within the military. Military logistics planners must balance mission objectives alongside speed and cost.  The U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Air Force want to fast movement of large payloads and brigade-sized units to virtually any point of need with route flexibility. Their objectives include:


• Increasing the capabilities and effectiveness heavy

 cargo lift,

• Reducing the footprint in theater,

• Providing lower cost and “greener” cargo carriage,

• Establishing new disaster relief capabilities, and

• Reducing our dependence on foreign airbases and ports.


Fortunately, the Aeroscraft offers U.S. and allied militaries cargo logistics solutions that beat the anti-access strategies employed by adversaries.  The Aeroscraft solves resupply, humanitarian, medical, and even fire containment missions.


The Aeroscraft was developed to deliver machinery and supplies to forward operating bases with route flexibility and without need for runway or ground infrastructure. It fills the gap between low speed, higher capacity sealift and high speed, lower-capacity airlift and provides fast global delivery at a significant cost-per-ton-mile saving over current airlift options.

The Aeroscraft provides a logistics solution for the traditional energy sector. It offers the ability to pickup oversized and heavy equipment from the factory floor and deliver it directly to Alaska, the Middle East or Texas. The Aeroscraft expands energy related construction opportunities. For example, the Aeroscraft increases oil and gas exploration opportunities because the airship can transport necessary supplies to remote locations without infrastructure.


The Aeroscraft is also a perfect solution for regions dealing with permafrost and the accompanying dangerous driving conditions that make road transport possible for only a small period of time each year. The Aeroscraft is not impacted by permafrost because of its vertical take-off and landing capability and its hover capability. Therefore, it can deliver cargo anywhere at any time of the year.





The Aeroscraft speeds relief and recovery missions by providing a cargo airship that can hover over a cleared space and lower desperately needed supplies to victims and emergency personnel. The Aeroscraft is able to deliver large quantities relief supplies to those in need, and also deliver fuel, hospital generators or provide water.


The Aeroscraft is an ideal addition to the firefighters’ arsenal. The Aeroscraft can contain area fires such as those that threaten forests and developed areas. The Aeroscraft can maintain low speeds or a given GPS position while carrying more than 66 tons of water to virtually any location. Similar to fixed wing and rotorcraft, the Aeroscraft will be able to filling at lakes, reservoirs, or oceans and dump water onto hot spots.

The Aeroscraft is capable of containing an air-deployed mobile hospitals complete with operating rooms, emergency equipment and the ability to exit hostile environments faster than land or sea transport.



With the largest wind turbine blade more than 200 ft long, moving wind blades from the factory floor to the project site can require up to eight hauls using multiple transportation modes. The Aeroscraft can pick up wind blades from the factory floor and deliver them directly to locations without infrastructure. Aeros is currently discussing more efficient ways to transport large wind turbine components with leading companies in the wind-turbine industry.


The Aeroscraft gives the agriculture industry the ability to deliver fresh produce overnight directly from the fields and seafood shipped directly from ports to their distribution centers thousands of miles away. We offer faster shelf stocking without the trained personnel needed for on-loading and off-loading aircraft payloads.


Imagine soon: flying hotels carrying passengers in spacious accommodations over land and sea competing for travel dollars with the water-bound cruise ships. Air casinos and other entertainment applications are possible using the Aeroscraft. Even a new sector of luxurious sky yachts will soon soar above the clouds in spacious comfort.

Aeros' newest air vehicle was developed to provide new ways of moving heavy and oversized cargo, from point-of-origin to point-of-need, even to areas with little to no infrastructure. The aircraft’s ability to handle cargo without needing runways provides a logistics solution to companies around the globe. And it does this at a lower fuel cost than existing modes of air transport.


The Aeroscraft fleet will disrupt infrastructure development costs and delays with its positive impact on logistics and commerce. The Aeroscraft will not replace the airplane or helicopter.  Instead, the Aeroscraft provides a new solution to existing commercial cargo transportation problems in the traditional energy, new energy, and perishable items markets.

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Military Cargo Brochure

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