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NADATS leverages unique expertise to provide security and surveillance knowledge for the best, most state of the art defense products to customers worldwide. NADATS portfolio of advanced defense products and solutions include: aerial and ground based sensor platforms, detection, recognition, and imaging systems, and data transmission and fusion infrastructure for fully integrated defense systems.


Maintaining effective aerial security is a critical but challenging mission. Early threat detection, whether air, land or sea-based, is essential to national security. Aerial intelligence is achievable with a variety of manned aircraft; however, extended surveillance coverage by airplane or helicopter is generally cost prohibitive. Pilot, fuel and maintenance costs accumulate quickly with these systems for achieving long-duration elevated surveillance. Our tethered aerostats, mobile airships, and elevated ground-based platforms have been engineered to help make persistent and vigilant surveillance affordable.


Our team designs and manufactures a variety of surveillance solutions with operators and budgets in mind.  We take pride in delivering reliable, stable, long-duration platforms that seamlessly integrate technologies for acquiring actionable intelligence 24/7. Our tactical systems are quick to deploy, easy to operate and highly mobile for elevating lightweight payloads for localized mission support, wherever needed. On the other end, strategic systems are custom designed for advanced payload integration and support requirements, providing wide-area continuous coverage.  Our adaptive systems combine the full-scale capabilities of larger systems with a smaller operational footprint and ability to re-locate for mission adaptability.

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Elevating the Cost Effectiveness of Persistent Surveillance

Vigilant Elevated Intelligence Assets

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