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Aeros’ lightweight tower is an integrated system that lets a single operator establish a surveillance zone for events, emergencies, and security applications within minutes of arriving on the scene. The lightweight tower system is an elevated ISR system that is easily transportable and can be assembled and deployed in an urban area where officers and HQ lack adequate ISR capabilities.


The Aeros hybrid truss tower is a triangular formed truss with composite tube structural members set in between formed aluminum center stabilizers and an external lattice of aluminum extrusions that form bridgework, giving the truss its strength and rigidity.


The Aeros truss structure was originally designed and manufactured at Aeros for an application unrelated to tower construction, however the Aeros’ truss structure is ideal for a portable tower. It is ultra lightweight yet strong, and fits a reasonable budget. The Aeros' hybrid truss tower was developed and has been rigorously tested to the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry.


  • The elevated tower is built from Aeros’ proprietary structure design with a linear weight of less than 1.3 pounds per foot. The modular design facilitates the tower to be increased in height in 10-foot increments.

  • The EO/IR sensor mounted on the lightweight tower is capable of providing consistent surveillance from its high vantage point.

  • Current standards for surveillance towers normally require a dedicated truck or trailer to transport and support for operations, and are not conducive to the urban and congested city areas. The Aeros’ truss system can be erected without a support structure, such as a truck or trailer and can be erected in any environment. For example, the tower can survive in hurricane force winds.

  • The system will be integrated with a lightweight EO/IR camera with r/f pan tilt zoom control, delivered from a PDA-type device. In order to maintain maximum utility, convenience, and portability, the video feed will be delivered to multiple user PDAs at the same time.

  • Aeros’ towers are airlift deliverable and light enough for personnel to set up and take down themselves. The patented, lightweight structure is 1.1 lb. for each foot of truss.

  • Aeros offers full, “turn key” solutions, with training.





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