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Aeros delivers the 1170 tethered Aerostat for the U.S. military to ensure success in the War on Terror. For the first time, Aeros creates a new type of rigid variable buoyancy air vehicle called the Aeroscraft.


Igor Pasternak establishes a volunteer airship design bureau at Lviv Polytechnic University in Ukraine.

Aeros becomes one of the first private aerospace and engineering companies permitted under Gorbachev’s Perestroika reforms.





Aeros begins its expansion and opens its first international office in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Aeros launches a production line of tethered aerostats and begins worldwide deliveries.

Aeros begins the research and development on heavy lift airship concept.

















Aeros launches airship model Aeros 40A.

Aeros relocates to the United States to pursue its dream to advance LTA technologies.

Aeros develops its first airship, the ‘Aeros 50’ that marks start of the Aeros airship excellence.

Aeros develops the Aeros 25M Tethered Aerostat System for the U.S. Department of Defense.

Aeros develops the 40B “Sky Dragon” airship equipped with a fly-by-wire system, and receives an unrestricted type certification to fly worldwide over populated areas.

Aeros 40B is delivered to Germany to provide services in the land of Zeppelins. Aeros 18M was produced for the Canadian market.

Aeros receives the contract award from the U.S. Department of Defense for the development of a High Altitude Airship.

The Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) contracts Aeros to develop a buoyancy assisted strategic airlifter.

For the first time ever, Aeros demonstrates a new technology that allows buoyant vehicles to operate without ballast.

Aeros develops a new 40D “Sky Dragon” airship that becomes a worldwide ‘system of choice’ and receives a FAA type certificate.

The United States Federal Aviation Administration recognizes Aeros’ product quality and awards a Production Certificate. For the 1st time in aviation history, Aeros successfully demonstrates the ability to control buoyancy in flight.

Aeros successfully demonstrates the rigid aero-structure that allows buoyancy assisted air vehicles to have greater military utility. Aeros begins construction of the Aeroscraft, designed to offer game changing air cargo capabilities.

Aeros develops a new advanced surveillance tethered Aerostat system, in support of the Republic of Korea Armed Forces. Aeros puts its focus on the technology development for the Wind Energy Industry to achieve 10MW power output.

Aeros continues integration of the Aeroscraft, an air vehicle that will revolutionize global logistics.




Aeros receives Patent from USPTO for revolutionary COSH buoyancy management system; launches the North American Defense Advanced Technology Solutions (NADATS) division, readies launch of advanced 40E ‘Sky Dragon’ airship, and continues production on the world’s first cargo airship, the Aeroscraft.

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Aeros deliveres on time and under budget on a $35 million contract with the DOD and DARPA, proving all of the technologies and capabilities of the Aeroscraft.


The Dragon Dream had its first float on January 3. The Pentagon declared the tests were a success. On July 4, the Dragon Dream rolled out of the hanger for the first time and on September 11 the first flight of the Dragon Dream occurred.

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Aeros 50-2

Aeros launches 40D 'Sky Dragon'

S/N 22 into service following Congressional Christening ceremony; completes 'design freeze' for ML 866 (66-ton) Aeroscraft, initiates production of new 40E 'Sky Dragon' airship; develops and deploys a new tactical aerostat design; advances the company's IP position for the Aeroscraft.

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