MAY 20, 2024 – (LOS ANGELES/DENVER) – Aeros, the world’s most innovative FAA-certified airship company and United Launch Alliance (ULA), the nation’s most experienced and reliable launch service provider, will begin a study to lay the groundwork to transport ULA launch vehicles and components from the ULA factory in Decatur, Alabama to launch sites at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida and to Vandenberg Space Force Base in California.

With vertical take-off and landing and the ability to deliver and retrieve cargo from a hover, the eVBA transforms industry norms by enabling infrastructure-independent logistics.  Fueled by green hydrogen, this innovation boosts efficiency while also reducing environmental impact, heralding the dawn of an eco-friendly, resilient, and cost-effective supply chain.


“Aeros is uniquely qualified to help ULA meet and exceed its future launch rate. Increasing their options to transport ULA’s next-generation Vulcan rockets will ensure they reach the launch facilities on time to carry out critical national security as well as commercial missions,” said Igor Pasternak, founder and CEO of Aeros.  

“With a 66 metric ton cargo capacity and a cargo bay measuring 220L x 40W x 30H, we are excited to begin the study to determine requirements for the eVBA to accommodate and transport even the largest ULA launch vehicles,” said John Elbon, ULA chief operating officer. “Today, we count transportation times to Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in number of days and Vandenberg Space Force Base in weeks transiting the Panama Canal.  With Aeros, we would potentially have the option to have our vehicles delivered to the launch site in hours or a couple of days.”

Aeros, which recently announced the site selection process for its new state-of-the-art airship manufacturing and assembly facility, anticipates the capability of transporting launch vehicles in 2027.

Aeros heavy lift electric Variable Buoyancy Airship
ULA Vulcan Cert-1 Rocket (Photo credit to ULA)

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About Aeros and the eVBA Aeroscraft: Aeros is a logistics company dedicated to the development, manufacture, and operation of the Zero-Emission Electric Variable Buoyancy Airship (eVBA), the Aeroscraft. Operating a fleet of eVBAs, Aeros will provide cardon free Next Day Air at Ground Shipping Price.