June 2023 – (LOS ANGELES) – Aeros Corp. is excited to announce the opening of its New Engineering and Corporate Facility in Los Angeles, California. 

Aeros has developed a state-of-the-art, zero-emission electrical variable buoyancy airship (eVBA) that offers the prospect of revolutionizing the global cargo and logistics market and achieving carbon-free, unhindered movement of goods.

Aeros’ mission is to mitigate climate change by creating a global-reach airship-based 3-dimensional transportation system that effectively addresses climate-related threats. 

What differentiates Aeros from other airships is cutting-edge patented technology. This technology enables never achieved before and allows airship pick-up and drop-off of cargo without landing. 

Previously existing airships were not practical for cargo transportation due to their inability to adjust buoyancy and as a result required ballasts, ground handling, or runways. 

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, the new facility will serve as a hub for Aeros’ cutting-edge research, development, design, manufacturing, and operational activities. It features state-of-the-art laboratories, advanced research and development areas, modern conference rooms, and collaborative spaces designed to foster cross-functional teamwork and encourage breakthrough thinking.

“This opening marks the beginning of a new chapter in our business journey,” said Igor Pasternak, CEO of Aeros. “Is a testament to the company’s dedication to affordable, sustainable air cargo logistics.”

Aeros’ New Engineering and Corporate Facility[/caption]

Aeros airships will replace the current infrastructure dependable hub-spoke transportation with adaptable handoff touchpoints, in turn reducing shipping time and cost by orders of magnitude and eliminating millions of tons of greenhouse gasses produced by current freight and e-commerce delivery systems.

To learn more about Aeros, visit www.Aeroscraft.com

For media contact please reach us at kelly.tsang@aeroscraft.com