Igor Pasternak, CEO

Pasternak Joins Experts and Policymakers for The First “War Time Economy” Forum, on May 19 in Kyiv

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 16, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Igor Pasternak, CEO and Chief Engineer of the Aeros will speak during the first “War Time Economy” Ukrainian-American Forum this week in Kyiv. The forum, organized by Ukrainian American House in partnership with American University Kyiv and the U.S. – Ukraine Business Council, aims to foster collaboration and explore business opportunities between Ukraine and the United States in the wake of the war and post-war environment.

Mr. Pasternak joins the lineup of speakers from policymakers to stakeholders including the U.S. Ambassador, Deputy Chief of Mission in Ukraine, Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Minister of Energy of Ukraine, Mayor of Kyiv, among many others. Mr. Pasternak will address the challenges and opportunities arising from Ukraine’s war and post-war scenario while examining the role of logistics businesses in facilitating the post-war construction of Ukraine’s economy.

As a distinguished figure in the aviation industry, Igor brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the forum. His presence reflects Aeros’ commitment to supporting Ukraine’s recovery and fostering strong partnerships between Ukraine and the United States.

Igor Pasternak is one of the world’s leading experts in the design and construction of FAA-certified airships. He has developed extensive experience in program and project management, as well as in the R&D, design, system integration, manufacturing, testing, and certification activities. Pasternak is the architect of the Aeroscraft, the world’s first rigid-hull, variable-buoyancy air vehicle with true vertical take-off and landing capability at maximum payload while operating without external ballast.

About Aeros: Aeros is a global leader in designing, FAA certifying, manufacturing, and delivering the most advanced airships and aerostats in modern history to a customer base that spans the globe. At Aeros, airship innovations not only revolutionize technology in good transportation and distribution, but also eliminate greenhouse emissions, and strengthen resilience and mitigation of climate change impact.

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