Aeros plans to build a cargo airship manufacturing facility capable of delivering 36 zero-emission electrical
variable buoyancy airships(eVBA) per year. Followed by a competitive site selection in February, Aeros is currently down selecting a general contractor for
construction of the facility. 

Pre-production model of Aeros eVBA in old Aeros hangar

APR 19, 2024 – (LOS ANGELES, CA) – Aeros, a company developing state-of-the-art cargo airship, the Aeroscraft eVBA, initiates down selection of a general contractor for construction of its airship manufacturing facility. Earlier in February, Aeros started a competitive site selection process, choosing between proposals from seven states. The facility will be capable of delivering 36 eVBAs per year, bringing thousands of high-quality job positions and significant investment.


$2 Billion of New Investment and Thousands of Jobs

The Aeros Cleantech Aircraft Production and Assembly Facility is expected to generate thousands of high-quality jobs with capital expenditures exceeding $2 billion over the next 14 years, thus contributing to regional economic growth and workforce development. eVBA production will create strong demand for a skilled workforce, encompassing engineers, technicians, assembly workers, and support staff.


World’s First Cargo Airship

The eVBA project spearheaded by Aeros represents a paradigm shift in sustainable transportation. Equipped with a patented buoyancy control system, the Aeroscraft sets itself apart as the world’s first cargo airship. This groundbreaking technology, coupled with the hydrogen fuel cell propulsion system, ensures zero-emission flight, making the Aeroscraft a trailblazer in eco-friendly cargo transportation.


Self-Sustainable and Automated Manufacturing Facility

The facility will be equipped with cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and operate at the leading edge of sustainability. Key features will include energy-efficient building designs, the use of renewable energy sources, geothermal heating/cooling, waste and grey water recycling systems and other systems

that enable self-sustainability and minimize environmental impact.

A Call to Innovative Partners


Aeros is looking for an experienced and innovative contractor with a commitment to sustainability. The ideal partner will have a strong track record in large-scale construction, with a focus on eco-friendly practices and advanced construction technologies. Financial stability and operational efficiency are crucial to ensure the project’s timely completion and long-term success. Through this partnership, Aeros aims to further its commitment to leading the airship industry towards a sustainable future.

The Aeros manufacturing facility will cover approximately 312,000 square meters, of which 47,000 square meters will be designated for custom-designed hangers that accommodate two independent eVBA assembly lines.




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About Aeros and the eVBA Aeroscraft: Aeros is a logistics company dedicated to the development, manufacture, and operation of the Zero-Emission Electric Variable Buoyancy Airship (eVBA), the Aeroscraft.  Operating a fleet of eVBAs, Aeros will provide carbon free Next Day Air at Ground Shipping Price. 



About the Aeroscraft eVBA: The Aeroscraft is a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly cargo airship developed by Aeros. The eVBA is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain and operates with zero emissions, making it a sustainable solution for global logistics and eCommerce. With a 66 metric ton cargo capacity, 8,800 square foot cargo bay, 140 mph top speed and the ability to take off and land vertically while delivering cargo from a hover, each Aeroscraft will remove 400 trucks from the road and redefine traditional freight and transportation methods.