Mar 5, 2024 – (LOS ANGELES, CA) – Aeros, a leading innovator in the airship manufacturing industry, is officially initiating the site selection process for its new state-of-the-art airship manufacturing and assembly facility. The company is issuing a Request for Information to identify potential locations capable of supporting the advanced infrastructure required for the production of its zero-emission electric variable buoyancy cargo airships (eVBA).

Strategic Site Selection: 

Aeros is seeking partnerships with states and communities capable of hosting the facility, with the potential for expansion up to 200 acres.


Job Creation and Economic Impact:

The establishment of the facility is expected to generate thousands of high-paying jobs in the cleantech aviation and aerospace manufacturing sector. This initiative represents a significant investment in the future of sustainable aviation, with projected capital expenditures exceeding $2 billion over the next 14 years.

Commitment to Sustainable Transportation:

Aeros’ pioneering endeavor is poised to transform the cargo logistics landscape by offering a sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional freight transportation methods. The introduction of zero-emission eVBA airships will significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with global logistics, meeting the growing demand for environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

As Aeros embarks on this ambitious project, the company is reaffirming its commitment to leading the transition towards a more sustainable future in cargo transportation while reinforcing its position as a trailblazer in the airship industry.

The eVBA’s capability for vertical take-off and landing and the ability to deliver and pick up cargo without landing position Aeros as a revolutionary force in cargo transportation, marking a significant leap towards sustainability and innovation in airship technology.

The Electric Variable Buoyancy Airship, Aeroscraft

About Aeros and the eVBA:

Aeros is a logistics company dedicated to the development, manufacture, and operation of the Zero-Emission Electric Variable Buoyancy Airship (eVBA), the Aeroscraft and will provide carbon free Next Day Air at Ground Shipping Price. 

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