Biden-⁠Harris Administration Announces New Principles for High-Integrity Voluntary Carbon Markets

MAY 29, 2024 – Los Angeles/Washington DC – The White House yesterday released a Joint Statement of Policy and new Principles for Responsible Participation in Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCMs) that codify the U.S. government’s approach to advance high-integrity VCMs.

Aeros echoes U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm: “The Biden-Harris Administration is giving the private sector the tools they need to make real contributions to our fight against the climate crisis and deliver real benefits to communities across the nation.”

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Aeros, a provider of zero-emission cargo transportation and last-mile package delivery services powered by green liquid hydrogen-fuel cells, today announced the launch of a voluntary carbon credit program related to its electric variable buoyancy airship (eVBA), the world’s most effective tool decarbonizing air and road freight transportation. Each eVBA will transport up to 66 tons and 264,000 cubic feet of cargo at over 120 mph without emitting CO2.

Green liquid hydrogen (GLH2), also called renewable hydrogen, is obtained by electrolysis of water. The most crucial thing is that this process is powered entirely by renewable energy, so it generates no polluting emissions into the atmosphere and is the cleanest and most sustainable energy source. GLH2 is 3x more efficiently than diesel and has been shown to be safer than conventional fuels in a multitude of aspects.

The eVBA’s carbon avoidance is unprecedented. A single Aeroscraft 66-ton eVBA will annually reduce by 97,600 tons the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by heavy trucks.

“Experiencing the global impacts of irreversible climate change, we acted toward a carbon-free future, but we cannot reverse the damage that has already been done to the planet. We must become more resilient to those impacts that are now unavoidable and do everything we can to reduce future emissions.,” said Igor Pasternak, Founder and CEO of Aeros. “Our years-long work created a revolutionary and proven airship design: the Aeroscraft. With support from our partners in government and the private sector, the eVBA will play major role in a global effort to reduce aviation and heavy truck emissions.”

In realizing carbon-free freight transportation and last mile delivery, Aeros is one of the only market participants capable of generating high-quality, verified carbon credits that will represent real decarbonization and lead to measurable emissions reductions within value chains of corporate buyers in accordance with the U.S. Government’s Voluntary Carbon Markets Joint Policy Statement and Principles.

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About Aeros and the eVBA Aeroscraft: Aeros is a logistics company dedicated to the development, manufacture, and operation of the Zero-Emission Electric Variable Buoyancy Airship (eVBA), the Aeroscraft. Operating a fleet of eVBAs, Aeros will provide cardon free Next Day Air at Ground Shipping Price.